Who is the LOVE TWAIN girl?

The LOVE TWAIN girl is ahead of the rest; she's an early adopter, not a follower of trends. She knows good style when she sees it – in all aspects of life. When one trend is common, she's onto the next. Stylish and confident.... here, the TWAIN (n. two) shall meet.

The LOVE TWAIN story

LOVE TWAIN is the story of two friends who come from two very different backgrounds. One is a Marketer with an innate ability to recognise emerging trends. She is not afraid to take fashion risks. She sets the trend in street wear. The other is a Journalist, with a keen eye for detail. She is safe and structured and knows exactly what she likes.

While different in many ways, they are brought together through their shared love of all things fashion, style, food and travel. Here the TWAIN shall meet.

The LOVE TWAIN girls are excited to bring you an interactive online site- a 'go to' place for all things fashion, travel, beauty and culture.

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